Daily Update

⏳Progress Details for 12/31⏳
On Thursday, December 31st, Dear Animal Go Money 2 GOM2 Money Swap MSWAP Holders

It is the last day of 2020.
I am half sorry for the bad price of the last day and half of my regret.
Personally, I am more sorry.

As we wrote the highest price in 2020, we will do our best to renew the highest price in 2021.

On the previous day, I uploaded the details of the purchases/holdings of employees on the blog, and this is a strong will for responsible management.
Of course, most of the people who bought the company believed it would work out well after seeing the company’s future. Employees will know more about the company.

In addition, please refer to the blog post as we have analyzed and written in detail the process that the distribution volume was released and the reason for the fall of Go Money 2.


*Of course, the final investment decision is made by the person himself, so the content of the posting is subjective and there may be errors.

In addition, in the case of other coins on the previous day, there were many protests that the circulation volume was being released too much, so we reviewed the result.
STPT, HUSD, WMBL and others have reduced interest rate by 0.5%.

Future airdrop schedule

1) Over 1 million old money 2
January 10, 2021 TXXX 1% 100–200 KRW
January 20, 2021 Medicle 1% 40 won
1% Nuri Football on February 10, 2021 (over 2 million old money 2)

2) More than 1 million money swaps
January 10, 2021 TXXX 1% 100–200 KRW
January 20, 2021 Predict 6% 30 won

* Airdrop is under further discussion and schedule is being adjusted, but it may change depending on the circumstances of the foundation!

The previous day, we uploaded four stimulus plans, but four are in progress or are scheduled.

  1. Buyback and incineration, Gombot (around mid-January)
  2. Regarding additional listing (Money swap is also scheduled to be registered at market cap)
  3. Greater China marketing
  4. Exchange event under discussion

⏳ Circulation Details for 12/31⏳
*Current amount of money in circulation and market capitalization (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x48783486ddD7fa85ECa6B0C4AE8920Bc25DfbcD7#balances)

1.Upbit 390,925,004 (No difference compared to the previous day)
2. Bithumb 79,605,249 (3 million increase compared to the previous day)
3. 54,474,761 Coin Ones (3 million reductions compared to the previous day)
4. Uniswap 3,127,642 (No difference compared to the previous day)
4. 1,061,903 Kucoins (No difference compared to the previous day)

There is no big difference between the original amount of coins and Bithumb.

Market cap based on exchange distribution — 6.7 billion won
(The issuance volume is about 960 million, and the issue volume and circulation volume are the same, and only the exchange volume is being calculated)
Market cap based on coin market cap — 11.9 billion won

*Current money swap volume and market capitalization (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0xc005204856ee7035a13d8d7cdbbdc13027afff90)

1. Money swap interest payment ecosystem pool 838,222,586 (no difference compared to the previous day)
2. Uniswap liquidity pool 7,578,043 (1.5 million increase compared to the previous day: money swap sales tax)

There is no difference in distribution volume. However, it seems to have declined due to the selling of money swaps due to the rising Ethereum.

160 million * 13 won = 2.8 billion

Animal Go Money 2, Money Swap Official Blog: https://blog.naver.com/deepton
(The existing blog address has been changed and is being renewed. Contents from 3 months ago are being updated and posted)

1. Go Money 2 Reasons for decline / Disclosure of employee holdings / Analysis of distribution volume, distribution path

2. Go Money 2 -> Money Swap Swap function open

3. MoneyWap Kucoin listing, listing plan, reason information

4. Progress of additional listing with AnimalGo’s Chinese partners

5. Products developed by AnimalGo, those under development

6. Animal Go Game Go-Mini Development Status and How to Get Go-Money 2

7. Opening of Animal Go Park’s 2nd Gwangju branch and its affiliated stores

8. Money swap policy and explanation of money swap

9. Money Swap How to supply liquidity and trade in Uniswap

10. Animal Go Money 2’s actual business October sales, franchise status

11. How to deposit Old Money 2, Money Swap and Movie Block in Money Swap (7-day lockup was abolished when depositing Money Swap)
— -> https://blog.naver.com/deepton/222124390138

12. Money swap market price
— -> https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xd80cf504b63ea769fc9a9fd7a718fc54d64cdbb5

Moneyswap.io based on moneyswap site

Currently deposited old money 2: 225,254,412 (10 million increase compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited movie blocks: 351,510,266 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited money swaps: 113,769,895 (3 million increase from the previous day)
Currently deposited trickles: 9,148,953 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
STPT currently deposited: 5,156,000 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited picas: 2,083,909 (200,000 increase from the previous day)
HUSD currently deposited: 4,808 (new deposit added)

Today or tomorrow, blog posts are available with affiliate stores that are currently scheduled to open AnimalGo Park.
We will post a blog post on the contracted affiliated stores and affiliates’ sales.
Please check carefully as we plan to buy back some of the surplus from sales from actual



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