⏳Progress Details for 12/24⏳
On Thursday, December 24th, Dear AnimalGo Money 2 GOM2 Money Swap MSWAP Holders

There may be external influences, but I am really sorry and sorry for the decline in my money and money swap recently.
The foundation is also preparing stimulus measures at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year.

Ripple fell to -40% in one day, breaking to 300 won as the US SEC (FSS, if you think about Korea), issued the delisting issue.
Most of the altcoins declined due to the falling major coin Ripple, which seems to have been affected.

Also, there were rumors that the Foundation sold 40 million units from the number 1 wallet (53,989,249) in Mo Community the day before to Coinone.
This would have also affected the sentiment of investment.
From the conclusion, the #1 wallet (0x16c9710e1a32e6155497759449397d7bb1b834e7) is the wallet of Upbit Exchange holders.
It’s not a Foundation wallet, and the Foundation doesn’t have that much stock.
And the reason why 40 million were moved at a time is because there are a lot of transactions in Coinone, and a large amount of coins of several holders were collected and transferred in the deposit wallet.

In our project, you can see that the distribution volume has been solved, and there is no issue of distribution volume.

One more coin deposit will be opened this weekend or early next week.
In addition, this week, Go Money 2 -> Money Swap will be opened first.

In the case of the blog, the content of the blog is too old 3 months ago, so we will update it to the latest version. It is being renewed.

*Current amount of money in circulation and market cap (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x48783486ddD7fa85ECa6B0C4AE8920Bc25DfbcD7#balances)

1.Upbit 437,071,360 (30 million decrease from the previous day: move to Coinone)
2. Bithumb 92,559,150 (8 million decrease compared to the previous day: move to Coinone)
3. Coinwon 53,989,249 (40 million increase compared to the previous day)
4. Kucoin 17,078,146 (new listing on the previous day)

#1 wallet (0x16c9710e1a32e6155497759449397d7bb1b834e7) 430 million is upbit.
When Bithumb and Upbitcoin moved to Coinone, it was confirmed that 40 million deposit addresses were collected and then a transaction occurred at the same time.

Market cap based on exchange distribution — 8.6 billion won

*Current money swap volume and market capitalization (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0xc005204856ee7035a13d8d7cdbbdc13027afff90)

140 million * 16 won = 2 billion

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7. Opening of Animal Go Park’s 2nd Gwangju branch and its affiliated stores

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10. AnimalGo executives and employees’ purchase history and incineration announcement

11. Animal Go Money 2’s actual business October sales, franchise status

12. How to deposit Go Money 2, Money Swap and Movie Block in Money Swap (7-day lock-up was abolished when depositing money swap)
— -> http://animalgo.net/222124390138

13. Money Swap Market View Site
— -> https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xd80cf504b63ea769fc9a9fd7a718fc54d64cdbb5

Moneyswap.io based on moneyswap site

Currently deposited old money 2: 172,559,150 (12 million increase compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited movie blocks: 176,943,030 (140 million increase from the previous day)
Currently deposited money swaps: 46,958,050 (7 million increase from the previous day)
Currently deposited trickles: 9,022,848 (an increase of 1 million the previous day)
STPT currently deposited: 5,000,000 (no difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited picas: 240,490 (no difference compared to the previous day)

As long-term investors increased, deposits increased a lot.
I hope you also have an airdrop. We will come up with stimulus quickly.

AnimalGO is a blockchain based AI reward pet application. Through the mobile app, users can communicate and relate to others by communicating through images