⏳Progress Details for 03/11/2021⏳
On Thursday, March 11th, Dear Animal Go Money 2 GOM2 Money Swap MSWAP Holders

Binance Smart Chain Wallet [BSC BEP20] has been released.
All those who use the deposit service are encouraged to open a wallet.
Since BNB is used as a fee when using Binance Smart Chain, we have also added a BNB deposit and withdrawal function.

Please be sure to check the related information and announcements.

The money swap BSC contract address is as follows and can be linked in Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.

This is MoneySwap’s Binance Smartchain Scan.

When swapping, the chain on the other side is automatically frozen.

In addition, in commemoration of the interchain, a small amount of airdrops are scheduled for holders, so please note. (We will try to support exchange snapshots)

I have a lot of inquiries, but I am writing a blog post in great detail about how to use Binance Smart Chain.
When DEX based on Binance Smart Chain is also listed, we will inform you how to use it. (Similar to Uniswap)
In the case of Uniswap recently, the transaction volume is not very large due to the fee issue, and in the case of Binance Smart Chain, the transaction volume is very low as the fee is very low, around 100–200 won per transaction.

*Major ongoing issues

1. AnimalGo app / web renewal
2. Under construction of an additional branch of Animalgo Park
3. Exchange airdrop snapshot and event-related discussion (this will be announced when airdrop coin is listed)
4. Money Swap APY under development
5. Animal Go game additional game under development (Animal Go game puzzle, Sichuan Province is under development)
6. Go Money 2, additional listing of Money Swap
7. Go Money 2, Money Swap China, Overseas Marketing and Events
8. Tom and Toms merchant payment test
9. Conglomerate MOU
10. Development and launch of own products Increased distribution network
11. Smart chain changing

*Current amount of money in circulation and market cap (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x48783486ddD7fa85ECa6B0C4AE8920Bc25DfbcD7#balances)

1. 530,997,128 upbit (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
2. Bithumb 36,300,937 (14 million units decreased compared to the previous day)
3. Coinone 25,986,310 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
4. Uniswap 818,224 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
4. 1,963,801 Kucoin (1.1 million decreases compared to the previous day)

The quantity of products such as Kucoin and Bithumb has decreased a lot.

Market cap based on exchange distribution — 9.6 billion won
(The issuance volume is about 960 million, and the issuance volume and circulation volume are the same, and only the exchange volume is being calculated)
Market cap based on coin market cap — 20.3 billion (overall ranking #692)

⏳ Circulation Details for 03/11/2021⏳
*Current money swap volume and market capitalization (Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0xc005204856ee7035a13d8d7cdbbdc13027afff90)

1. Money swap interest payment ecosystem pool 711,238,876 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
2. Uniswap liquidity pool 8,677,010 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
3. 16,106,901 Kucoin (no significant difference compared to the previous day)

All interest was paid, but the amount of interest paid was large due to the increase in the price of Go Money 2.

290 million * 8 won = 2.3 billion
Coinmarket Cap https://coinmarketcap.com/en/currencies/moneyswap/

Animal Go Money 2, Money Swap Official Blog: https://blog.naver.com/deepton
(The existing blog address has been changed and is being renewed. Contents 3 months ago or changes are being updated after renewal processing)

1. Go Money 2, Money Swap Buyback Status

1. AnimalGo Park sales and franchise status in January 2021, their own products

1. Gombot automatic trading bot release and simple algorithm introduction

2. Go Money 2, Money Swap Holder Airdrop Information and Airdrop Company Introduction (Blind treatment due to modifications)

3. AnimalGo franchise status and actual business sales status, etc.

4. Go Money 2 Reasons for decline / Disclosure of employee holdings / Analysis of distribution volume, distribution path

5. Go Money 2 -> Money Swap Swap function open

6. MoneySwap Kucoin listing, listing plan, and reason information

7. Progress of additional listing with AnimalGo’s Chinese partners

8. Products developed by AnimalGo, those under development

9. Animal Go game Go-mini development status and how to get Go-Money 2

10. Money Swap Policy and Money Swap Description (Interest rate for some 3rd party coins has been reduced to 0.5%)

11. How to supply trade and liquidity in Money Swap Uniswap

12. How to Deposit Go Money 2 and Money Swap in Money Swap (7-day lockup was abolished when depositing money swap)
— -> https://blog.naver.com/deepton/222124390138

13. Money Swap Market Viewing Site
— -> https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xd80cf504b63ea769fc9a9fd7a718fc54d64cdbb5

* The roadmap may be delayed or changed depending on the business plan.
* There are some people who cut and distort the context of some of the postings and spread them.
* When sharing or distributing, we ask that you do so with the statement that you are mindful of investment decisions.
* In addition, the above contents are owned by the executives and employees, have interests, and the contents may be incorrect or subjective, so please make investment decisions carefully and at your own risk.

Moneyswap.io based on moneyswap site

Currently deposited go money 2: 154,716,806 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited moviebloc: 5,000,110 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited money swap: 129,857,104 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited trickle: 15,518,404 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
STPT currently deposited: 3,405,000(No big difference compared to the previous day)
Currently deposited pica: 1,603,722 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)
HUSD currently deposited: 1,540,000 (no significant difference compared to the previous day)

AnimalGO is a blockchain based AI reward pet application. Through the mobile app, users can communicate and relate to others by communicating through images